Gwendolyn's Old Fashion Squirrel


3 or 4 squirrels cut into pieces
(really on how many you have
and how many are eaten)
soak them in vinegar for a day or two in the frig. When I was growing up we always soaked in milk, but vinegar works too.

wash off well before seasoning
place meat on a flat pan

Sprinkle the seasoning on the meat
when you sprinkle, think about how much will make it taste better, if
you don't like a lot of seasoning don't use that much. season to your own taste

meat tenderizer
turn the meat over piece by piece and do the same thing on the other side.
Pre-heat oven 350


Get your grease hot in the skillet, roll each piece in flour and fry (DO NOT FRY ALL THE WAY) just brown the flour on all sides of the meat
but don't cook to the bone.
Have your Dutch (Iron) oven with a lid ready, as each piece is finished place in to the Dutch oven.
When all the pieces are finished take a cup of water and pour it over the squirrel, do not let the water go over the meat, do just enough
that you can look down in there and see it (just a little bit.)
Place the Dutch oven in the stove with a lid, cook for about 2 hours.
Now, this recipe makes it's own gravy, so you won't have to do any of that
My kin like it with mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts, corn from the garden and homemade drop biscuits
This recipe makes the squirrel fall to pieces, so use a big spoon to dip with. Enjoy

Gwendolyn Caudill


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