Eskimo Smoked Salmon



You have an advantage when you learn from the best. This is a true Eskimo recipe. Marci Norman, born and raised in Alaska, had the opportunity to "rub noses" with the best as far a the sacred Eskimo Indian smoked salmon goes. This recipe is one of her favorites, simple and simply delicious.




10-15 Lb. Salmon Fillet (Skin Intact)

2 Gallons Water

2 Cups Salt

2 Cups Brown Sugar

13 Pepper Corns (Cracked)

1 Potato


Add water and salt to a stainless steel or glass bowl, mix well. Put the potato into the bowl, if it does not float, add more salt until it does. Add sugar and peppercorns, mix well. Place the salmon fillets into the brine. Refrigerate overnight, stirring the brine a couple of times.

Rinse in cold water, lay skin side down on a wire rack and air-dry a couple of hours. Now you are ready for the smoker. Smoke two to four hours depending on the temperature.


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