St. Augustine Style Frog Legs



1/2 dozen fresh frog legs
1/2 stick butter
1 tablespoon flour
1 glass dry white wine (like Chablis)
1 tablespoon salt
dash of pepper
1 chopped shallot (or chives or onion)
1 egg yolk


Put butter in casserole, let melt slowly, then sauté legs for short while.  Add flour, mix well.  Add wine, salt, pepper and chopped shallot.  Increase heat a little.  Cook 15 minutes.  Take off of fire.  Beat egg yolk well then add a little water and a little of sauce in casserole.  When well mixed add to the rest of the sauce.  Put the combined sauce in a double boiler to heat, stirring constantly.  (Be sure it does not boil or it will curdle.)


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