Expose your Fishing Club or Organization to the World


Do you have a fishing club or organization?

Would you like to have a website for your fishing club or organization?

Are you paying to have your website hosted somewhere?

Do you want a cost effective way to attract new members?

Is your fishing club or organizations website buried somewhere on the Internet?

When you enter your website does unwanted adds popup everywhere?

If your answer is yes to any of the above please read on.

As a service to the fishing community, we are offering free website hosting for all fishing clubs & organizations.

Here's how it works:

1. Fill out our online hosting request form and submit it to us. When we receive your request form we will setup your directory on our servers. For example, say your club name is "Bigbass of Sharphook Valley", we would create your web space in a directory called "bigbass", or something similar. Your web address (URL) would then be http://clubs.fishersnet.com/bigbass.

2. After we set up your directory, (usually within a couple of hours) we will email your FTP address, username and password information using the email address you provided in the request form. If you currently do not have an email address you need to use someone's that you know or signup for a free one at hotmail or MSN.

3. The rest is up to you. FTP your website content (HTML Files) to your directory using your address, username, and password that we provided you. You will then have a full blown Internet presence.

Fishersnet does not offer any support with our free hosting service. To use our free service your clubs webmaster will need to have knowledge in the use of FTP and creating HTML web pages. If you need assistance we can create your clubs website for a minimal charge, email us for details.


FishersNet is a full service ISP. If in the future your club wishes to register a domain, for example "yourclubdomain.com" , we can host it here at FishersNet and you will not have to move your content to another server. We have both Unix and Windows 2000 Advanced Servers with Front Page extensions available. Email, or call us for domain hosting cost and information.


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